September 21, 2019

The Importance of Red Contact Lenses in a Vampire Movie

Have you ever been to a cinema where a vampire movie has vampires looking lovely and cute? How do you find them? Isn’t it ridiculous? A vampire has to be scary. They should show power, hunger for blood and sometimes even lust. You would not enjoy a vampire movie if they don’t look too powerful. These kinds of vampires can be brought to us by a good cinematic effect with awesome background and costumes but they will only come to life if they have terrifying red eyes. Here are some of the importance of red contact lenses in a vampire movie:

It can show the vampire’s hunger for blood. Whenever there is a vampire attach, we all expect to see a vampire going for the victim’s neck and sucking its blood. With their terrifying red eyes, it can show how desperate they are to get the victim’s last drop of blood. It can also show how bad they need that blood to survive.

It can show the vampire’s standing in society. You may not know it yet but some books show that a royal vampire’s eyes would turn scarlet red when drinking blood while a common vampires eyes would turn pale red eyes. If they are already satisfied with what they’ve got, royal vampire’s eyes would turn from scarlet red to blood red eyes while a common vampire would have pale red to pinkish eyes. If you want to get more interesting details about red contact lenses, you may go here to know more about it.

It could tell if they sense danger. Some of the movies nowadays show that vampire’s eyes are getting more dramatic and angered whenever they sense danger. They know if their enemies are lurking around because of their powerful smelling ability but their eyes would turn violently red to almost black if they sense danger and if they are ready to engage in battle.

It can tell whether they will eat their prey or not. Some vampires can live with humans. Their eyes would turn from normal to terrifying if they want to feast on their prey.

It can tell their emotion. This is the most important thing a red contact lens can do. We can fake costumes or we can edit the background of an artist but emotions can never be altered. This is the most vital part of a movie. With red eyes, it can show the vampire’s feelings and desire and weather they love someone.

To sum it up, red eyes are important not just as a costume or cinematic effect; rather, it is important in the overall outcome of a vampire movie. No one would want to see neither a vampire that is not scary nor a vampire that doesn’t give emotion. Our eyes are the windows to our soul. If you want to perfect your stage play, you could use blood-red eyes and show to the audience how much these red eyes can turn your performance from good to great. Who knows, you might be the next vampire we see on a red carpet premiere if you make it successfully.